Philippe Curty
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Personal informations

name Philippe Curty
birthplace Fribourg, Switzerland
citizenship Swiss
computer Programming: PHP, MySQL, C, C++, Mathematica, Latex, HTML, Perl, Javascript. Systems: Linux and Unix network system administration, Bind, Apache, NFS.
interests computer, trekking, wine tasting, skiing


speaking level reading level
french Mother tongue Mother tongue
german Excellent Excellent
english Excellent Excellent
italian Basic Basic


2006 University of Neuchâtel.
Ph. D. in sciences, theoretical physics,
1998 University of Fribourg
Master degree in theoretical Physics, Condensed Matter Theory.
1994 University of Bayreuth (DE)
Degree in experimental physics.
1992 Fribourg.
Bachelor degree (type B), Collège Saint-Michel.


2005 Bern
Head of Scimetrica GmbH
2004-2005 Trieste, Italy
Researcher in statistical physics at ICTP. ICTP, Trieste group of prof. M. Marsili.
2001-2004 University of Neuchâtel
Linux/Unix system administrator of the computer network for the theoretical physics group.
2000-2006 President of Actionuni, the swiss researchers association. (2000-2005)
2000 Co-foundator of Actionuni, the swiss researchers forum. Organizer of the several meetings.
1999-2004 University of Neuchâtel
Research and teaching assistant for exercise classes. ( Condensed Matter Physics, Mathematical Methods of Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Thermodynamics)
1997-1999 University of Fribourg
Teaching assistant for exercise classes. (Classical Mechanics, Electrodynamics, Thermodynamics, Statistical Mechanics)